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My scholarship and advocacy general interests include social learning theories, equity, multiculturalism and diversity competency, inclusion and belonging, community outreach, academic achievement, and the role of socialization and self-efficacy in academic performance. Specifically, I am focused on the use of the rites of passage model to impact academic achievement and identity development positively.

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Goggins II, L., Street, M., & Davis, V. (2020). The significance of the moment: Implications for educating the Black child. In M.

Edwards (Ed.), Social Media, COVID 19 and the Black Child. (pp. 25 – 27). Chicago: Black Child Journal.

Goggins II, L., & Shelton, T. (2018). African inspired rites of passage: Critical lesson learned and cultivated by practitioners –

When there is no village. In M. Edwards (Ed.), International Rites of Passage. (pp. 95 – 106). Chicago: Black Child Journal.

Goggins II, L. (2017). The emergence of social emotional learning and the implication for the Black child. In M. Edwards (Ed.),

Education and the Black Child (pp. 51 – 63). Chicago: Black Child Journal.

Goggins II, L. (2013). Rites of passage as an effective tool for African-American college students’ academic success. In M.

Edwards & P. Hill (Eds.), Rites of Passage: Foundations and Practices (pp. 57 – 72). Chicago: Black Child Journal.

Goggins II, L., & Dowcett, E. (2011).  Beyond Introduction: The Need for competency in diversity training. International Journal of

Diversity in Organisations, Communities and Nations, 11, 67-74.

Goggins II, L. (2010). Rites of passage programs. In K. Lomotey (Ed.), Encyclopedia of African American education 

(pp. 546-548).  Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications


African Centered Rites of Passage and Education (1996)

Bringing The Light Into A New Day (2nd. edition): African-centered Rites of Passage (2012)

365 Black: Nuggets of Wisdom for Each Day of the Year (2012)

Foundations: African-centered Education (2017)

Facing the Rising Sun: Lessons for the Authentic Self (2021)

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Current Projects & Research In-Progress

"Great resource. I've referenced this book [Bringing the Light Into a New Day: African-centered Rites of Passage] many times over in my struggle to bring insight and understanding to urban youth and the many who are called to serve them!" 

​​Steve Fitzhugh, Power Moves

"The fundamental need for all humans to feel a sense of value, worth and significantIs paramount in human pursuit. The historical damage done by years of oppression, displacement, and abuse on the black race in the Americas has made the journey exceptionally difficult. Lathardus Goggins II in this work makes a major contribution to making the journey much easier for this and the next generation."

​​Dr. Myles Munroe (1998) 

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